So, what's so great about Pilates?

So, what's so great about Pilates?

You must be wondering what all the hype around pilates is… you may of heard it can strengthen your core, help tone your body, rehabilitate your injuries…. But with all that hearsay, you’re probably wondering what’s actually so great about this fitness phenomenon and how it all works?

Well, lets take it from the top… once we start talking pilates, you’ll have a hard time stopping us!

Millions of people actively practise Pilates –  No matter your age, fitness levels, experience, body shape or injuries, Pilates can be beneficial for you. Whether you are a mumma-to-be, an elite athlete, or elderly looking to strengthen as you grow older, Pilates movements are universally loved and with have proven results for all.

Ok, lets get into what is actually so great about Pilates, and all the secrets in-between…

So where does Pilates originate from?

Pilates was first created as a rehabilitative tool by German gymnast Joseph Pilates. He invented reformer pilates after the war using hospital beds to rehabilitate the injured soldiers ( yep, thats right… reformer pilates was developed for men! No excuses for your hubby’s now!) He then went on to open studios with his wife Clara and teach group classes, specifically for dancers. 

Joseph dedicated his life to developing and teaching his revolutionary exercising techniques, believing that poor posture goes hand-in-hand with poor health. Having awareness of breath and alignment of the spine formed his core belief that we can strengthen the torso and abdominal muscles, whilst also reducing stress.

Not convinced? Here just a few of the many benefits accessible when practicing Pilates…

Strengthening without bulking…

Long, lean muscles are the name of the game in Pilates. Pilates allows us to work the smaller muscle groups which tone and tighten the body, the movements work by both strengthening and lengthening the muscles giving an intensely toned, lean, athletic look over time. Pilates also really focuses on strengthening the core and glutes - getting these working affectively helps to create a body that supports itself straight and moves like it’s meant to.

Weight loss

The caloric burn during a Pilates workout ranges from 4 to 8 calories per minute – depending on your body and intensity. While no exercise alone will promote healthy weight loss, pilates is a great starting point and partner to a well balanced lifestyle.

Better posture

Pilates is beneficial in correcting posture and alignment through building underdeveloped muscle groups negatively affected by poor habits like slouching in your chair at work. Pilates classes are second-to-none in terms of lengthening and toning your limbs and uncurling hunched shoulders.

Low Impact

Most Pilates movements and exercise are supported or in a seated position. They are performer with control first and foremost. Allowing for low impact movement, your knees and joints are protected throughout every session. while it’s not the kind of workout that always works up a sweat, you’ll definitely feel it in your muscles during each exercise and see the benefits in your body.

Increases flexibility

When you’re flexibility is low, you shorten your muscles and can limit your body’s range of motion. Pilates movements often involve a deep stretch which will slowly stretch and straighten you out – allowing better range of motion and flexibility than ever before.

These benefits and many more come together to equal one of the most effective and widely loved exercise systems of the 21st century! Don't take our word on it, try our app for 7 days on us and see the difference yourself!

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