transform you mind and body with pilates...

"First class and I’m hooked! If you’ve never tried Reformer Pilates before, do yourself a favour and go to an Inflow Foundation class. The studio is beautiful and the instructors are fun and knowledgeable" - Caity H


Originally create by Joseph Pilates, the reformer was designed to rehabilitate wounded soldiers as they arrived from battle lines, he applied his methods to strengthening and reconditioning them.

Reformer Pilates is performed on a spring resistance apparatus called a reformer bed rather then on the floor. These classes involve pushing and pulling various parts of your body while maintaining a strong core to promote length, strength, flexibly and balance.

No matter your level, even if you have never laid eyes on a reformer machine we are so excited to invite you to our studio and know you will be feeling comfortable in no time! As a beginner we recommend you come to one of our foundation classes to get started, from there we can ensure you are comfortable with the machine and movement and we can move you into our signature inflow reformer classes. 

Wear something you are comfortable in. We recommend tight or long pants. We also recommend wearing grippy socks, you can find these at sports stores or buy them
in the studio.

We also suggest you bring along a towel and water bottle. We provide mats and all other needed equipment.

Most importantly we insist you bring along a smile, our studio is designed as a space to give back to yourself. Bring that mindset and we guarantee you will leave feeling better then ever.

Reformer Pilates was originally designed to rehab injuries, however we do not want you straining your injuries further. You need to talk to your physiotherapist, chiropractor or doctor about the injury and make sure you get the thumbs up to do group classes.

Let us know about you injury so that we can ensure adequate modifications are provided for you. Always reminding your instructors before classes about these injuries is a must so that we can keep an eye on you. 

Absolutely, in fact Pilates is a great form of movement to get you limber and strong for pregnancy and new motherhood. It is also particularly good in restrengthening your core postpartum. 

Ensure that you talk to you doctor before starting Pilates and let us know where you are pre or post pregnancy. this way we can ensure we modify accordingly and appropriately.